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Bad guys suck!

A couple of weeks ago I tried to access my website and was greeted with a red page telling me it was a malicious site. Argh! My wife's website, which is hosted in the same space was the same. Then I heard that another site on another host, that I had worked on in the past, also had the same problem.

I had been with Hostgator for 5+ years but my contract was coming due. This problem, and the current price hike, has prompted this move to another host. I had previously set up Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators site on Wix, so I had some experience with it. So I am making the move. I also convinced my wife to make the move as well.

For about 10 years I had been using Joomla for my sites and I am wondering if there has been a vulnerability in the software that has caused these 3 sites to be infected. Anyway, I am happy not to have to worry about updates, of Joomla and its plugins, and let Wix handle it.

It's a pain though recreating all the pages on my site, a lot of copying and pasting.

I wish that the bad guys that go around messing with other peoples work would $%^&*(*(...... go find something better to do.

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