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Sometimes, to get away from computer screens, I volunteer at Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators.

This is me with Star, a Great Horned Owl, the largest species of owl that we have in Indiana.

Welcome to my blog/homepage/project journal.

In short, I am a Brit originally from England now living in Indiana, USA. I am married and work as a Network Administrator, love computers, technology, woodworking and am a huge Star Trek and Sci-Fi fan.

On here you'll find some information about me, my life, and my projects.



I have owned this domain for a very long time. I have been a big fan of Joomla and the past six years it has been hosted by 'Hostgator'. Unfortunately some bad guys recently did something to the site and Google flagged it as malicious. Well, the contract was running out anyway so I decided to set up a new home here on Wix.

Transferring all the content from the old site will take some time, so bear with me as I build this out and learn the Wix way of doing things.

We have three Shelties, Geordie is my buddy.

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