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Starbase Indy, Thanksgiving Weekend

Off we went again to the Mariott East, Indianapolis for this year's convention. Starbase Indy did their usual amazing work putting this on, the 15th Generation of their Thanksgiving SiFi celebration. Unfortunately two of the guests that we have become accustomed to seeing at this event didn't make it this year, Deborah Downey and David Reddick. Tim Russ and Ethan Phillips we have seen before but always a pleasure, Crystal Allen and Manu Intiraymi were new to us. It was also amazing to see Dr. David Wolf there, a real life astronaut. It is fun to watch the cult science fiction shows but at the end of the day, to listen to someone who has actually been in space was amazing. And this had an effect on the whole audience as he was the only one people stood to applaud at the end.

Hopefully I will have time later to transcribe some of my notes like I did last year. But for now please enjoy these pictures from the event..

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