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Starbase Indy, Thanksgiving Weekend Nov 29 - Dec 1

We have been to the Starbase Indy Convention several times before but this was the first time we didn't have to rush back after a few hours because our dogs need letting out. We decided to take a mini vacation and stay in Indianapolis for the weekend at the Candlelight Suites which are just next door to the Marriott East where the convention is hosted. It would have been nice to stay at the Marriott but we needed somewhere that is 'pet friendly' and would take our Priority Club points.

Candlelight Suites

The staff were very friendly and upgraded our room to a first floor suite upon our arrival. It was on the end near the outside door where we could walk the dogs. There was a fridge and microwave in a mini kitchen which was all clean and comfortable. Flat screen TV and on-suite bathroom with shower. I also appreciate the fact that they had complimentary coffee available 24/7 and a place where you could buy snacks.

Our only gripe was that other dog owners were not always cleaning up their dog's mess and the grassy area was littered with cigarette butts which our dogs will eat if given the chance.

The Convention

After getting settled in the hotel, with our 3 Shelties, we paid a quick visit to pick up our registration packets and walk around. Then we spent all day Saturday there and Sunday morning. Trip (our smallest Sheltie) had a great time, loves the attention. Geordie, who I thought would be fine, actually didn't like it so much. He was very nervous flipping his head around at the slightest noise, so after an hour he was back in the room. Kira, our oldest we didn't take over there, she doesn't like crowds very much but she was great all weekend in this strange place, no trouble at all.


We did all the usual stuff, spent time in the dealers room, bid in the charity auction, admired all the costumes and I got to listen to Five Year Mission (Audrey was far away as this was definitely not Country!). All great stuff but it is the Stars that everyone comes to see....

Rene Auberjonois (Odo, DS9) & Armin Shimerman (Quark, DS9)

Both of these characters did their own Q&A for an hour each on Saturday, then appeared together on stage on Sunday which was awesome. They had worked together so much during the filming of Deep Space Nine and knew each other well. 

They talked about the final scenes of DS9 where they said goodbye on the show. Rene joked that they had cut out the 'kiss' which we thought was funny, but then Armin said "yeah, you were always good at kissing butt!" playing on earlier comments about Quarks head which looked like a butt.

Before leaving on Sunday I did get Rene's autograph to add to our collection.

Teryl Rothery (Stargate, Arrow)

She was great fun doing her own Q&A for an hour on Saturday then appearing again with Jay and Musetta on Sunday. At one point she recounted her encounters with Patrick Stewart, she had been totally in awe of him and how she loved the British accent, so that was my in. On Sunday morning it was quiet in the Atrium where the stars had their signing tables so I got to talk to her for a while. She had made the comment on Saturday how she thought this convention was the best. People where so nice, waited patiently in line, there wasn't the stress of thousands of fans being herded past the tables. It was much more relaxed and she had time to chat and meet the fans which she thought was wonderful.

Suzie Plakson

Suzie has played quite a few few roles in Star Trek; Vulcan, Klingon and Q. One of the interesting points she made during the Q&A was that although she had been in show business for a while it wasn't until she had appeared on Star Trek that she discovered the convention scene and the community that came with it.

Jay Acovone & Musetta Vander

These two were entertaining during the Q&A sessions. I have seen them in a few shows here and there but not ones that I particularly follow so I don't have much I can say here.

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