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2014  Build

Amazing how things have changed, I used to build a computer about every 18 months, now it has been twice that since I last had the urge. Probably a good thing as it isn't a cheap project. Anyway, it is done now, up and running. I had a couple of set backs mostly to do with the video capture system. Having DVR functionality is great, but it can be a pain to get the right hardware and set it up. I was hoping to use the Hauppauge card from my old system but the interface wasn't right, then I bought a new one which didn't work because it didn't have hardware encoding. All working now though, here are the components I chose....

  • Intel Core i7-4790K Processor

  • 8gb (2 x 4gb) GSkill Ripjaws Memory

  • MSI ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard Z97 Gaming 7

  • EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti Superclock w/G-SYNC Support 2GB GDDR5 128bit, Dual-Link DVI-I, HDMI, DP 1.2

  • Hauppauge 1213 WinTV-HVR-2255


  • In Win SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case BUC-101

  • Sabrent 74-In-1 3.5-Inch Internal Flash Media Card Reader/writer with USB Port


After some thought I decided to stick with Windows 7. I have tried to find something to replace SageTV DVR software but there just isn't anything out there as good. This worries me as it is no longer supported and it is getting old. So I couldn't take the chance that it wouldn't work with Windows 8. I can always upgrade the OS later, maybe go straight to Windows 10.

The In Win BUC-101 case was a great find. I spent quite some time looking at cases, it is an important part of building a new system. I do like having one that has a SATA connector on top, makes it really easy to work on other hard drives. I don't like USB ports on the front as flash drives can get easily broken. And having three dogs running around creates a lot of dust. So this case is ideal. The top USB ports are 3.0 and have a cover, there's a covered SATA port in the top tray and the front, top and bottom fans have filters which can easily be accessed. On top of that they found a really nice way to cover the vent in the side panel, with a mesh that has magnetic strips top and bottom so it can simply be peeled off for cleaning.


I think this box will do me for another 4+ years.

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